UCFalse Start

If I watch another UCF game and here a referee say “false start, on the offense, 5 yard penalty…” I may actually die on my couch. You cannot win a game when you have 18 penalties. You certainly cant make the argument that you’re the best team in the state of Florida when you can’t go out and beat Tulsa at home.

I know I have been part of over hype and border line delusion around UCF football, but I will be the first to admit that the outcome of this game was fully deserved. After watching that game I will put my hand up and say UCF is not a top 25 team. Can they get back there? Sure. Can they still end up as the highest ranked G5 team at the end of the season? Probably. Can they still win the American Conference? Maybe. But, If you have 37 penalties in the span of two weeks, that is simply undisciplined football, and that does not lead to those things coming true. If the coach cant make adjustments to correct the issues on the sideline, that’s bad coaching, and bad coaching can be the difference between a 10 win season and a 7 win season.

Once when I was playing youth football my team had 5 false start penalties over the course of one game. The next week during our practices we had to stay in our offensive formation for 3 minutes without moving while our coaches yelled, threw tackling dummies and footballs over us, blew their whistles, and ran around waving their arms. We didn’t get another one for the rest of the season and we won the Super Bowl. Granted we were 12 and we maybe ran 40-50 plays a game compared to 90 in CFB. BUT STILL, a false start is an inexcusable penalty!

Tulsa seems to have Dillon Gabriels number, considering the two worst games of UCF career have come against Tulsa over the last two years. I still think DG has the potential to be one of the best college football players in the country through the rest of this season and next season. Everyone has a bad game, unfortunately in college football one bad game essentially ends any hope you have at winning a national championship.

Now I’m not ready to call UCF’s season over or start clamoring for Coach Heupel to get fired, but what I am ready to do is right this blog and complain about how ridiculous what happened on Saturday night was. If UCF gets a false start on their first drive this weekend, I may never be heard form again. Only time will tell, hopefully I get to write another blog next Monday talking about how amazing the game against Memphis was, and how UCF should make the CFB Playoff even with a loss.

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